Choosing DJ MisterE for your event gives you more than just a DJ. You obtain an MC, Sound Engineer, Lighting Expert, Event Designer and most of all an Event Professional. Owning his own production company that has succeeded in the events world since 1996, gives all clients a very uncommon advantage of saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars by packaging a variety of services together through DJ MisterE and not bringing in several companies.

Traveling as close as the local wedding to as far as a destination wedding across the seas, the boundaries for this DJ are limitless. With over 2 decades and thousands of satisfied clients behind him, DJ MisterE’s career is defined but never limited. Previously contracted to an exclusivity agreement with one of the world’s most illustrious special event companies, he has been off the public market for hire since 2007.

When it comes to the most important part of a successful event, DJ MisterE proves why a talented and musically knowledgable professional is must. Taking his experience from thousands of special events and weddings, merging that with his high profile nightclub career, the musical selection and programming is nothing short of perfect. Working ahead of time with clients to create the specially designed playlist full of songs that speak every single guest makes every event not only unique but custom tailored as well.